Friday, March 20, 2009

one step closer

So, here's the thing. This might be the lamest blog posting ever, if it were really about a car, but it's not. It's really about just one more step on our journey of saying yes to God.

As the months pass by every new layer of reality settles on us as we prepare to move to HK. The most recent reality? We are now a one-car family. I sold my car today. Asking price. Cash. Hmm. It's probably gonna to be a pretty long time until I have another car for my primary use.

I can remember cutting the grass for the last time, thinking not about the lawnmower, but about the time spent with my children on it. Again, it's probably gonna be a long time before we have a yard to maintain again.

Same thing today, driving to Montgomery, I knew for some reason, it would be the last time I drove "my" car for a long time. Driving to meet the potential buyer, I starting thinking of random memories with this car.

Among many, here's a favorite: April using the 4WD in reverse in to pull me/josh/caleb out of knee deep mud on the 4-wheeler. She can drive. Seriously.

Goodbye Tahoe.

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