Sunday, January 31, 2010

the long awaited visit

April's parents arrived late wednesday night after some flight delays in America. It is so great to have them here. The first couple of days were slow paced, staying mainly around where we live and taking the boys to soccer practice. Yesterday, we showed them a more well-known side of HK, Mong Kok. Perhaps one of THE most densely populated places on EARTH, it was an experience for them to say the least. And hey - we even picked up some additional pet fish for the boys an aquarium. I ordered lunch with the little Chinese I knew to speak... and it turned out to be quite good. After a busy afternoon, we came back to Shatin and relaxed in the park. We met our friends from Australia for dinner, mainly laughing at all of our language idiosyncrasies. Tonight, we are taking them to our church, Island ECC. The boys are having a great time making memories with Grandy and Grandad. We are too.

Friday, January 15, 2010

creole shrimp, dumplings, and 2.5 sous chefs

One thing April and I decided before moving to HK, was that we wanted to have our team over for dinner on a weekly basis. As crazy as life can be with three young children, in a different culture, living across the world from most of the support structure we have known --- we know that simple things, like sharing a meal, can be some of the most meaningful time spent with others. This week, April gave the boys an assignment: "Come up with the name and menu of a restaurant" -- well, they did come up with the name "The Seasoned Dumpling Restuarant", however the menu was not so Chinese. More like spicy creole. (April came up with that part). They did such a great job. It was so fun to see their little hearts, and Calebs not-so-quiet voice come to life. We are so thankful to live and work with such a great group of men and women here in HK.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

the silver community group - says hello.

It is a long flight, but it gets easier every time. My heart is full from the days I've been in Atlanta with Passion 2010. I shot this little video on my last morning with the silver community group... and they wanted to say a little thanks to some special people who couldn't make the trip with me.