Friday, October 29, 2010

an almost empty beach

Hong Kong is many things, including one of the most densely populated places on earth. But if you make the effort, it's quite possible to escape the urban roar. On a day where a lot of people are wearing jackets around here, our little guys wanted to go to the beach. I'm so glad we did.
They loved it. We did too.
It was a perfect way to start our weekend.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


One of the things I do love about Hong Kong is the opportunity to meet so many different people from around the world. A couple weeks ago I met a new friend from NZ. In short, the guy has a passion to serve the church in a neighboring country in SE Asia. This small country in particular has experienced great suffering and hardship in recent decades, but the Church survived and is growing.

Turns out -- one of the things he is trying to do is resource some young musicians there to write and record worship songs in their own language. I'm listening to him share his heart and what he is personally doing to invest his energy and resources to help other people. All I can do is smile.

I remember what it was like several years ago in Auburn -- wanting to make encounter all it could be and not having the money or resources to pull off a worship gathering for so many students. I remember how encouraged I was when other people saw the same need and gave their resources to make it happen. Before we knew it, God provided just what we needed.

We shipped most of that sound equipment to Hong Kong -- just in case we'd need it. Who knew? While we are still trying to sell the larger items, it was clear to me that the right thing -- the most helpful thing would be to give these brothers in a nearby country what they needed to record in their own language. What did these guys need? Microphones. A pretty simple request, but a really encouraging exchange.

How's this for a thought? The same microphones that captured voices to lead students at Auburn University will soon capture voices that will move the hearts of people in SE Asia towards Him. I love it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the new normal

At lunch the other day with a friend who is also from America, we started talking about things that were not normal -- that have slowly become a part of everyday life in hong kong. I started thinking more about this, and started laughing... a lot.

When did it become normal to stand on a crowded bus with people snoring as they sleep standing up?

When did it become normal to spend $16USD on about a gallon of milk?

When did it become normal to travel by foot, train, bus, boat, and taxi in one day?

When did it become normal to walk places and not hear one word of English?

When did it become normal to share "face-space" with total strangers on a packed MTR train?

When did it become normal to watch the same lady walk backwards down the street...every morning?

When did it become normal to see men in catatonic poses during tai chi in a park?

When did it become normal to be really thankful for blue skies and stars at night?

When did it become normal that our children eat pancakes with chopsticks?

When did it become normal to not put ice in our drinks at home?

When did it become normal to play soccer on concrete?

When did it become normal to take our shoes of before entering our house?

When did it become normal to meet people from different places around the world every week?

When did it become normal to drive on the right side of the car on the left side of the road?

When did it become normal to pay to park the car... and walk a couple blocks home?

When did it become normal to actually enjoy hot, unsweetened, chinese-style tea?

When did it become normal to watch cartoons in mandarin, cantonese, and english?

When did it become normal to feel totally disconnected from college football seasons?
(ps. War Eagle).

That's just a start... but I'm pretty sure there are thousand more.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I took Josh to work with me yesterday. We had a great time.
Thankful for such a simple memory.
Caleb... you're next!

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Two weeks can fly by. Life around here has been busy. This week I had an interview with a international social worker about our upcoming adoption. Next week, she will visit our home and check things out, interview the boys, etc. After that, she will compile our 3rd home study update and then we will submit that paperwork to our agency in America. Then, our plan is to enroll in the Waiting Child program for children with special needs.

So much has changed since we first began this journey towards adoption. After years of getting our hopes up...and only being disappointed by delays and prolonged wait times, it would suffice to say that we are contently trusting God's timing for this beloved little girl. I can still remember early conversations with family and friends. That seems like forever ago. The reality is, we could have her...soon (as in months, and not years).

And yes, I am ready to see little pink dresses around this place. I'm ready to see three big brothers love the sister they've prayed for during the past couple years. I'm ready for her grandparents to hold her. I'm ready for April to have a little girl to hold and love. I'm ready too. It's fair to say, we are pregnant with desire.

So if you have never considered adoption, please, please do so. Current estimates hold the number at 200 million orphans worldwide. You can make a difference. If it's not adopting a child, then maybe get to know a family who has and see how you can help them. Go to a local orphanage and ask how you can help. Sponsor a child.

Earlier this spring, I was in Chengdu, China and I remember holding a precious little girl. She was born with some deformities. A family in Texas was in the process of adopting her. I remember thinking about her parents and how eager they must be to have her in their arms. She's probably with them now. I hope so.

I think about our daughter -- where is she? Has she been born? Is someone holding her now? I think about this --- and immediately think about the Gospel. That God loved me before I was born. That He purchased me with His blood before I could love Him or serve Him or know Him. That He had plans for me, hopes for me, thoughts of me -before I was ever alive. Incredible. Humbling. Grace is awakening in our hearts, all over again.