Friday, January 15, 2010

creole shrimp, dumplings, and 2.5 sous chefs

One thing April and I decided before moving to HK, was that we wanted to have our team over for dinner on a weekly basis. As crazy as life can be with three young children, in a different culture, living across the world from most of the support structure we have known --- we know that simple things, like sharing a meal, can be some of the most meaningful time spent with others. This week, April gave the boys an assignment: "Come up with the name and menu of a restaurant" -- well, they did come up with the name "The Seasoned Dumpling Restuarant", however the menu was not so Chinese. More like spicy creole. (April came up with that part). They did such a great job. It was so fun to see their little hearts, and Calebs not-so-quiet voice come to life. We are so thankful to live and work with such a great group of men and women here in HK.


Christopher Lee Kelley said...

True Story:

A couple weeks ago, I was walking to my first community group session at Passion 2010 when I thought about Matt Dean. How he loved Passion, and how it was too bad he wouldn't make this one from all the way over in China. Reflecting on the huge impact he had made in my life in the last 2 years, I decided to text him. I wanted him to know that, while on the outside his attempt at marriage counseling for two immature young people appeared to be a complete and embarrassing failure, it might have actually been the very thing I am most thankful for in my life today and in the years ahead. I realized then that there was no way he had the same cell phone number in Hong Kong... So, instead I prayed and thanked God for the truth that He shared with me through my good friend Matt Dean. When I looked up, there was that skinny jeaned worship leader from New York wandering around outside my community group's room. What a coincidence! Then I walked into the silver community group and almost fainted when I saw ol' Dean himself standing next to the stage up front.

God is funny.

Matt, our times together in the back room of the old GCM office were difficult and humbling for me. Thank you for that. The real issue is never "wrong girl" or "wrong guy," because if not for Christ in you through that time, I would be in the same situation with a different name attached to it. God put an amazing person in my life since then, that I started dating over a year and a half ago and only He knows what His plans are, but I can say this: I enjoy every day with her and the relationship still feels like it is gaining steam as Christ continues to pour fuel into it. In fact, it reminds me a lot of a freight train.

Kim said...

Precious. Photo. Family. Memories. Service.
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,