Sunday, August 10, 2008


I cut the grass on my John Deere riding mower, for probably the last time in a long time. It was a holy moment for me. Really. I think about how many fun hours I've had on the green machine -- almost every time I've used it, Caleb and Josh have been on my lap. It's what we do. We cut grass. 

As I rode the mower, I thanked Father for the many memories, a beautiful yard, and the adventure He is inviting us into. The journey is always the point until we reach our ultimate destination in eternity. It makes me all the more aware how invaluable it is for me to embrace and invest in the lives around me, whatever I'm doing. Cutting grass included. 

I realized something - there are moments in life where things are so amazing we'd never forget. No help needed. But the commonplace things in life, like cutting grass -- those are memories forged over time and repetition... and being intentional with people nearest you.  

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