Sunday, August 10, 2008

boys II men were right.

It's so haaa-aa-ard, to say goodbye, to yesterday...
These things no longer have a "hold" on me, or at least I'm at the place where I don't need them.

The Liberation List:
1. My Ruth's Chris Steak house waiters folder.
2. The hundreds of cd cases / booklets I thought I'd need. (see
3. Bags of extra clothing and shoes. (Platos Closet $67). 
4. My Macbook box and packing materials.
5. Nintendo64. + games. 
6. 2 Altec Lansing Bookshelf Speakers, Magnavox 5-disc CD changer, 
7. Seminary notes, books, videos. 
8. Relics from world travels that never really made the "display wall"
9. Plates I told April to hold onto for her own sentimental value. 
10. Dwayne-wayne flip-up sunglasses.
11. 1995 version of Sony Dream Machine alarm clock. 
12. Old flip flops. 
13. Old tshirts from college road trips.
14. An extra "Beijing Starbucks" coffee mug -- who needs 2? 

Useless items I still hang onto:
1. My first baby teeth and note from the Tooth Fairy. 
2. Sigma Chi glass.
3. Cigar ash tray
4. Old watches that probably I'll never wear. 
5. Old street maps of where I have been.
6. Poker chips. 
7. BB-gun pistol (looks like a sweet 9mm).
8. XBOX (has pac-man for when Josh and Caleb can play).
9. Movie ticket stubs that I took April to, or Josh and Caleb to. 

Last week, we our pastor gave a great sermon on not "letting our possessions possess us" -- and how appropriate that our house should rapidly sell. As we position our lives for greater mobility in the future, it boils down to the trivial, the expendable, and the invaluable. 

Trivial -- random junk we all accumulate.
Expendable -- everyday use items we do need.
Invaluable -- things that are worth more than words. 


Bek* said...

hang on to those baby teeth...apparently they have stem cells and could save your life someday. just sayin.

Robert, Lindsay, Lani and Ella said...

that is boyz with a Z...

ericka b said...

I'm encouraged to see you explaining how you're doing this "simplifying", as I'm trying to do the same. I'm proud of myself for all the bags and boxes of things I've thrown away (or given away).... I cringed reading this list though, when I realized in my 'simplifying' I kept my macbook box/packing materials AND my massive box of CD cases/covers...

dang it.

Called out. More sorting/throwing away/giving away on my to-do list! haha

Thanks Matt :)

rusty said...

wow, listening to the sermon AND application - you are my hero! i'm a proud pastor.