Sunday, August 10, 2008

36 gold-rimmed plates

This weekend my parents kept Josh and Caleb so we could focus on packing / giving away. There have been moments of laughter, like when it came to our "keepsakes" box, and what are the things April and I hold on to. None of these items take up much space, but when I look at them, I laugh and I am so grateful to be who I am in Him today. 

We cleaned and packed our garage, kitchen, playroom. Funny - in every room, there were things we hadn't used in years. April found a china set (like with 36 plates alone) that we had literally NEVER used. Gone now - in a box. Or realizing how many coffee mugs does a family really need, much less use? 

Our garage is now divided into two sections. What we have packed. What we are giving away. I am excited to see what simplifying life can do. Turns out, we have accumulated FAR MORE than we really need. 

April and I listed to Francis & Lisa Chan this morning speak about Christ-centered Marriage. We were both challenged and really encouraged. Better put - More challenged, and in the "yes-God" moments, we were encouraged. 

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