Tuesday, August 12, 2008

hoy no es su cumpleaños

Tonight we had dinner with our "local" family, the Blounts. There we were, all 8 of us. The table was full of crushed chips, cheese dip drips, bits of avocado and empty plates. When, the boys third grandmother, affectionately known as Queenie decided it was their birthday (July 6th and July 31st) -- August 11?....Close enough. 
Free dessert and song. 
Check: $18.50 
Free dessert not on their birthday? Priceless. 


Bek* said...

caleb's face is priceless

Buddy said...

....what a grand moment that definitely was unforgettable!

Buddy said...

of course....you know that Buddy is really Queenie....he is not too sure how to move about blogspot or facebook. Although, he is wanting to learn more....:)