Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Top lists -
Meals ::
1. ChiuChow Cuisine with Kwen Ip (where Scott ate a chicken foot)
2. Jasmine Thai where we laughed pretty much the whole meal.
3. Guys night @ Taco Loco. Yes, the couple behind us made out the entire meal. 
4. Dan Ryan's our last night, here's to "American" portions. No wonder America is fat. 
4. Early morning McDonalds with Orme, Hannah, and Mary Reading.
5. Amarone's with Maik and the Bell family. 
6. Passion Volunteer Room Pizza. 
7. Chicken bowls. 
8. R66 with our Auburn alum friend Chase. 
9. Outback with Robert before the rest of the team arrived.
10. Starbucks with Kwen. 

Sights ::
1. Passion HK - Seeing a picture of many hope in Christ.
2. The Peak on Saturday night.
3. The R66 360* view of HK.
4. Two park benches in Kowloon Tsai park.
5. Island ECC Sunday.
6. My old friend, Ocean, in the Central MTR station. 
7. The floods of 18-25 year old people. Everywhere. 
8. Our massive 400 sq foot apartment. Hung Hom = Temporary Home. 
9. Scott in the MTR ("Why would I need a TV if I have a mirror?")
10. April, Josh, Caleb, and Luke with "Welcome Home Daddy" Posters in the ATL airport. 


nathanpauley said...

i'll take #2 and #3 any day of the week over any meal ever.
and for the second part: #2, 5, 6.

Lana said...

second part #6, duh.

and don't get me started on the guys leaving us for guys night our last night in hong kong...