Wednesday, October 22, 2008

jet lag isn't always bad.

I got back from Hong Kong two days ago, and so far - jet lag is not so bad. The trip was amazing. 

God did more in my heart than I could have anticipated. I am so thankful for His clear leadership and for the provision He shows our family. Our hope is in Him. 

This morning, baby Luke and I are up really early together. Just the two of us. It's awesome. The house is quiet. He's having his morning bottle and me... well, coffee with soymilk because we ran out of real milk. His little leg movements and hiccups remind me of the same little season of life with Josh and Caleb as well. Life IS precious. The biggest thing I have come to understand about home life -- is that it's less about our address, and more about who is home. April and I have been talking a lot lately about what "home" really is -- and it's people for sure.

We could live anywhere I think, and as long we make / our families make the effort to communicate. We're home. 

Luke - I've read the accounts of missionary fathers who've left house and home on a quest for adventure, and forgotten their children. In my mind, their "success" on the field is immeasurably compromised if they fail their families. If you read this 20 years from now - please know you are true joy to me and I delight in your little life. If we go anywhere on "mission" in this earth, I hope you know how much more you are loved.  

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Anonymous said...

Home truly is where the heart is.