Monday, October 13, 2008

H to the K so far.

So far, this has been an incredible week, no wait... two days. Yes, we did fly into time from Friday dawn to Saturday night around the world. Sunday, we woke up and went to Island ECC. It's funny how you can be 8000+ miles from home and feel at home among other believers. We met our Auburn alum friend, Chase, where from there we went to R66 on top of the Hopewell Center to overlook the cityscape during high tea/lunch. More than anything, this was a good conversation. After lunch, we met up with Ocean and Maxine, two of our HK friends. We went to the afternoon service at The Vine, and after that we went out for Korean food in Times Square (picture above). 

Yesterday, we toured a school in Sha Tin and then met up with our new friends Alan and Maik over lunch, where we shared thoughts on collegiate ministry. Imagine a world city, like HK, with multiple universities: City University of HK, Chinese University of HK, HKBU, Hong Kong University, HK Polytech, Shue Yan University (to name the bigger ones and there are more). The Church is alive and well (small as it may be), yet there is an openly admitted gap when it comes to focused, intentional ministry to young adults. 18-35 year olds seem to be everywhere.  More on this later. For now, I can say after this lunch, we found ourselves in Kowloon Tsai park (where two summers ago I took Josh and Caleb swimming many nights). Scott, John, Jason, Robert, Mary Reading, Hannah, Katie and I pulled two benches together and we talked and prayed. Good stuff. A holy moment. 

Last night we went to Mong Kok / Langham Place to take in another scene of people / markets / smells / sights. 

Next post? Top ten lists. 


Scott Fillmer said...

Sounds like a great trip so far... please tell me some photog that went with your team (not me) took that pic :), that's a great shot.

Things are still hopping back here, looking forward to Encounter this Thursday. Can't wait to hear all about the trip when you guys get back

Biscuet said...

Only slight jealous. And extremely bummed the residence permit didn't come through. I would have loved to see you guys.

Malorie said...

i'm so excited for y'all.
i might still be upset that i wasn't packed in a carry on- but i'll try to forgive all of you before you get back.
i miss y'all so much.
can't wait for the y'all to return and to hear everyones stories!
auburn hasn't changed much since you've been gone: in case you were worried.

Lana said...

unlike biscuet, i am way more than slightly jealous that you get to be in that city... and see ocean! I am praying for yalls trip, for a clear vision to be instilled while you are there. can't wait to hear about it!

the baileys said...

matt, i just found your blog - oh, it makes me want to talk to you & april so badly! i've tried to keep up with y'all & i am lifting you up now! i would love to catch up soon. love love love the pictures of your family - beautiful!!

kristen (fredrickson) bailey