Friday, October 10, 2008

this is never easy.

It's 3:!3 am and my bag is halfway packed. In two hours, I'll join my staff team in the driveway, where we will load up in the GCM Excursion and drive to ATL where we will yawn and laugh, waiting to get through customs. Tomorrow, we fly to Hong Kong. This trip is meaningful on many levels, but most importantly, it is a response: Yes Lord. 

It is from that response that I can trust Him with all my hope and admittedly all my fears. There is something about leaving my wife and (now) three children that gets me every time. Those precious people mean more than words to me. 

Josh, I am so thankful to be your father. I am in awe of your curiosity and love for learning more. Reading the story about Jesus lastnight and your honest questions... and your childlike faith in God, is such a picture of the kingdom. You have changed my life forever. Thanks for being such a great older brother to Caleb and Luke. I love you. 

Caleb, lately, we have connected more than ever before. I have truly enjoyed every moment of being near you lately. We have laughed, tickled, and wrestled so much these days --- and you are still quite squeezable. You bring joy to my heart. I love you. 

Luke, what can I say -- these past six weeks. Life changing. The little moments we have shared are priceless to me. Putting lotion on your little feet, or changing the many diapers, or trying (in futility) to make eye contact with you...You are a great addition to our family. I cannot wait to know you and throw you in the mix of father / son wrestlemania. I love you.

April, you are beyond anything I can expect from a wife. Seriously. I am so very thankful for you. These past days of laugher have been rich. Thanks for being selfless and for encouraging me to do this trip. You and I both know what's at stake here. Good stuff. I love you.

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Ericka B said...

Thanks for this Matt. Rusty is STILL gone on the World Race - it's been almost 10 months with another 41 days to go. There have been a handful of near death/dangerous experiences (including him being held at gunpoint) - and now I just found out there was more rioting in Bangkok (where he is) that killed 2 and injured 400...

I say all that not to scare you or April, but to say that I'm still learning that God is in control, and that Rusty IS in God's hands! He's kept him safe in the craziest of situations, all over the world, and I keep reminding myself that Rusty is safer in the middle of bangkok in the center of God's will, than he is here out of God's will. And also that God is going to take care of me here while he is away.

Thanks for leading by example and being obedient in this. I pray God blesses your trip and that you bring Kingdom wherever you go. I pray for a hedge of protection around you and the team, and around your beloved April, Josh, Caleb, and Luke (and Anna Grace). I pray for peace that passes all understanding in all your hearts. Love you guys!