Friday, October 10, 2008

the peacemaker.

So we are trying to teach Josh and Caleb to work things out -- peacemaker style. Rather than take the easy (and less humorous) way out of separating them upon conflict, we are "encouraging" them to work it out -- as in, put the toys down, sit on the stairs, and don't get up until you have worked it out.

Josh " It's my toy."
Caleb " It's my toy."
Josh "'s mine..."
Caleb " No it's MY toy..."
***** 10 minutes later
Josh "Hmm... ok I'll share"
Caleb "Ughh... ok, I'll share"


Now, just to remind us that these children are still in process, here is a direct quote from Josh while playing with both action figures later on that afternoon.

"I'm a peacemaker, and I'm going to killlllll you" 


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Malorie said...

Josh's quote just made me laugh out loud in the library, where it is completely silent and i got lots of "would you please contain yourself" glares. But- well worth it .
You and April are great parents, thanks for being such a great example of marriage in our community. Your family is loved and cherished here.