Saturday, June 27, 2009

fully reclined.

Flying to HK a day early on thursday felt last minute. Sure, packing everything in 20 minutes was a bit crazy, but when you are flying on buddy go with the flow.

After a quick drive to Atlanta during which Scott may (or may not have) observed posted speed limits, we arrived at Hartsfield ATL. Thanks to my old iphone with a cracked screen, we were able to scan the barcodes for our tickets at the self-serve kiosks and not miss our flights. Thank you Apple.

Let me just say, flying first class? It's comical when what you are accustomed to is coach. Filet Mignon? Ice Cream Sundaes? Organic wine? Fully reclining seats with built in lumbar massage? Thank you to our Delta friends for making this trip happen. And yes, those slippers and the eye mask? Sure, why not. Are the feather pillows complementary as well?

After a late night arrival, we drove through the city towards Shatin where we are staying for the week. There really is something special about this city. This week, Scott, Maik, and I will be finalizing our team apartments and taking care of last minute items. It is more than a reality check to walk around this neighborhood and see a glimpse of everyday life.

Today, we are going to visit two churches Kowloon ECC and Island ECC. After lunch, we'll meet up with our realtor and within the next day or so, we will know what our new homes will look like. Later tonight, we'll travel back to the airport to meet two more friends joining us for the week.

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