Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This morning, I received a very encouraging phone call from our team member Maik, who is already working in HK. More details will be posted at the grace campus blog soon, but for now what I can say, is that we are humbled to know we have a network in place in HK. Faculty representing universities in HK attended a dinner hosted by GCM|HK and another partner organization. The event was held aboard the OM ship Doulos, which is currently at port in HK. Simply put, we are connecting with like-minded professors who will help us serve the students in Hong Kong. After last night's event, we have relationships in place on all 8 university campus locations throughout HK. This is huge... to know some of our fist steps are clearly before us is compelling; reminding us once again, that God has already gone before us, for our joy and His namesake. (Ephesians 2:10).


Lee Cadden said...

great news brother. glad to see His faithfulness coming through...as usual.

Malorie said...

INCREDIBLE. ah. so excited!!

Bensonator said...

ditto to Lee Cadden's comment!!! gah.