Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello. It IS good to see you again.

The other day, i did something i have not done in a while. I read the gospel. This might not make sense to many people, but I'm thinking it will land on a few. With the incessant inflow of new ideas, new books, new information sources, social networking, fascinating tv shows, etc. --- it is very easy, to look everywhere else, but Him. 

Me + John (as in the gospel of John) + time alone = focus on Jesus. 

Crazy isn't it? I read a lot of books about Jesus, thought a lot about ways to influence the kingdom of Jesus, talked a lot about Jesus with others -- but it would do us all a lot of good, to set aside good things, really great things, and re-approach our Redeemer in Scripture, remembering what Jesus said, did, and how God-with-skin-and-dirty-feet interacted with real people who were never the same after Him.  

I'm not splitting hairs here -- just confessing I am easily distracted often times by good things, that still leave me longing for the Great One. This is not to say, I am not in a growing relationship with the Lord either, because I am. More so, I think that some of us (myself included) assume we have read it before, or presume we don't need to read it again. 

Yikes. Wrong. We do. It's like going through a old photo album, remembering all the things that seem vaguely familiar. It restores clarity, sharpens the reality, and stirs wonder in our hearts again for Him.


Andi said...

thank you. I hear echoes of Louie saying something like "if we got so excited about reading our Bible as we do when we see the smiley box from amazon...."
I appreciate you sharing.
I rediscovered Matthew this week- scriptures I heard and said "that is NOT in MY bible...oh wait... here it is.:
Good stuff

jkv said...

I am right there with you. I am reading through the Gospels right now (it's me and Luke right now). I was getting that attitude of 'been there done that and couldn't stand it so I picked up my Bible and just started reading. Loving it!