Saturday, February 14, 2009

born into brothels

Last night, we saw the documentary film Born into Brothels about children in Calcutta, India who are born into the sex-trade industry. For anyone interested in learning more about situations like this -- I'd recommend the film. Think Invisible Children meets India's prostitution, take out the child soldiers and put in these kids living in the midst of humanity gone wrong. It's a few years old, but still, very much eye-opening. For more information about this look at kids with cameras.


Beloved said...

You did? I can't believe this didn't come up today...have you seen TAKEN in the theaters? It is a thriller dealing with the same issue (except in Paris). Liam Neeson does an excellent job.

Today was a joy! Thanks again so much.

Abby said...

hey there matt dean, jennie (martin) ray just told me she was at opelika baptist for her nephew's dedication and heard them mention a matt dean who was working with youth at auburn and going to hong kong. she wondered if it could be you. so i did what any old friend would do, i googled you :) it sounds like y'all are doing really well. you have three little boys! of course, you know that. but i did not. we have three children as well- girl,7, boy,5, girl,2. we still live in st. louis, if you ever knew we were here- if i remember right, last time i talked to you was when you were hanging out with harris and we were still in b'ham. george finished an mdiv at covenant seminary this last spring, but we are still looking for something. and you're going to hong kong. moving to hong kong!? and adopting a baby girl!? it's all very exciting! congrats! this is, of course, abby (hawkins) edema. and i realize this is kind of an inappropriate post to be chit chatting about what's become of old friends from college, but i wanted to say hello. i feel like there should be some sort of hilarious inside joke of old that i should be able to crack, but nothing comes to mind. oh well, all the best :) -abby