Sunday, January 25, 2009

toll booths and juicy fruit at gunpoint.

Daytime driving with three children or driving through the night with three sleeping children. A great dilemma.  We opted for late departure from Auburn to Orlando. Overall, the trip was great. About 2:00 am, we are approaching the Orlando area, where a clearly marked sign says, Disney via _____ so I turned off, only to face a fork in the road with NO signs or directions or markers for the land of Walt Disney. I go with my gut feeling which changed as soon as I turned north... so we exit to turn around. The problem? A .25 cent toll booth, for which we had .20 cents. While we frantically searched for a nickel or five pennies, a car was honking its horn behind us. Great. So, given my options, we did what Clark and Ellen Griswald would have done, we ran the toll booth. Yes, I know, a ticket will be in the mail, but we did try, and we did put .20 in the basket. I'm glad it happened like that. For sure, we laughed a really long time, and then after getting lost because we needed more change for the re-entry booths, the story went from ridiculous to redonkulus. With a $5 bill and a pack of juicy fruit from a gas station that I thought was about to be robbed at gun point, and two police cars arresting someone else 1/4 mile down the road, we were primed for Disney the next day. Hello Orlando.  

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