Wednesday, January 28, 2009


In the tradition of several of our friends who do "top 8 bottom 4" lists here we go:
Top 8: 
1. Sushi in Japan (Epcot's version) with April on our anniversary. 
2. Space Mission with Josh. G-forces with a 5 year old. 
3. Time with our family. 
4. The Disney Character breakfast, especially when the boys got shy around Minnie.
5. Taking the little guys from country to country in Epcot.
6. Caleb speaking Mandarin to the Chinese host.
7. Swimming in January.
8. Laughing @ 2:00 am when we didn't have change for a toll booth. See previous post. 
Bottom 4:
1. My dad having an emergency appendectomy and being in the hospital the whole time.
2. See # 1. 
3. $12 parking everyday.
4. Unpacking. 

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