Monday, December 01, 2008

a story worth telling - part 1.

Being a parent is the most rewarding and most difficult thing I have ever done. Rewarding because you see the fragility of life, you know firsthand the power of love, you re-experience the gospel all over again from the Father's perspective, you are in the front-row seat of these precious little lives, and to see them grow as people - is awe inspiring. 

Difficult, because you are all-the-more-aware of your own sinfulness, selfishness, and weaknesses. Because love compels us, "difficult" means dying to self and consistently putting other needs before your own. Parenthood can be really painful as well, because when they hurt, you hurt. Hands down, the past five years of parenthood have been some of the most intense seasons of learning how to be more patient, more loving, more compassionate, more consistent, more... like a reflection of God's love. 

Truth be told, it's tough to remember there is only one perfect Parent. So, when I do reach the end of my strength, mercy, patience, interest, love, etc -- There is always One who never does. Because He is alive in me -- then I must be quick to share with my children the life-changing reality of God's perfect love. 

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