Saturday, December 27, 2008

can deer have epilepsy?

The tree is down. The gifts are being put away. The annual post-Christmas garbage mound of boxes and wrapping paper is just outside the doors, awaiting pick up on Monday morning. The boys are playing hard outside. April and I have been un-decorating. I just put the lighted deer in the grave. Sadly, our little doe developed a serious epileptic seizure disorder, rendering her lit-holiday antlers in a oddly rhythmic dance.. up, down, up, down...

This year is a little different because we are packing with a totally different mindset. What stays? What goes? What ships? What stores? What sells? What is to be given away? Interesting.

Some things I want to remember from these days: Christmas Eve-Eve with the little guys. Cooking a great meal and pretending with the boys we were in some fancy restaurant that catered to children. Christmas Eve at Cornerstone. Even though it was warm, crowded, and hard to focus, we did. Christmas Eve at East Alabama Medical Center. Our second annual family event with the Forthofers, where we  deliver cookies to the hospital staff. Give children a platform to do something special for someone else... they are  on it! Christmas Eve / Christmas morning at my parents. My mom has recently become passionate about great food, and  so we ate, a lot, and our conversations around those meals were great. The gift we most appreciate is a week at  Disney with them in January. It's going to be fun, for sure. Christmas Day at April's parents. Wii tournaments. Really good conversations. Being very encouraged with what God has for us in HK. Fishing with Mike and Jeremy. (Jeremy - 15 largemouth bass, Matt - 6 largemouth bass, Mike - O) Keeping the main thing, the main thing.

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Micah said...

from someone who had epilepsy as a kiddo and freaked my parents out with my big grand mal seizures, I am sure that deer can probably have epilepsy. although at that point, it's probably best to make stew out of them (i'm glad it doesn't work that way with humans...)

missing you, bud. great post--funny, we kinda have been thinking similar things. read mine. sorta been a very similar christmas experience.