Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Yesterday was a good day. Everything went as planned until mid afternoon when April called needing me to come home. It wasn't a hard choice, I dropped what I was doing and went home to help her with the boys. It's not that work wasn't important, but that I am committed to what is more important. I want her to know that. 

After a mediocre-cold veggie pizza from Papa John's that took 75 minutes to be delivered, we played Candyland with Josh and Caleb. Good clean fun; I always lose, and Josh and Caleb always win. Actually, Caleb plays in Caleb-world, and is all over the board, from Gramma Nut's to the Ice Cream Princess... there's no order. 

After that, it was bath time and book time for the boys, and then bed. I walked down the stairs, kissed April, and went to meet with an old friend who was hurting pretty badly. I got back a little after 10:00 and little Luke just had his bath and his hair was looking pretty much awesome and fuzzy. 

In that moment, I realized from early that morning until then, I had been something to someone all day long. The sequence went like this : breakfastmaker/ dad / leader / teacher / leader / husband / leader / son / dad / candylandman / childbather / bookreader / husband / marriage counselor / dad / husband. I could not imagine life outside of those relationships. Roles and responsibilities are always designed to point us back to God. I'm pretty sure any responsibility I have is designed make me aware of my need for Him. Check. 

Marriage. Fatherhood. Ministry. Family. Friends. It all goes back to Him. (Romans 11:36) 

When it was all said and done, I came up for air, and realized that the tyranny of urgent had NOT gotten the best of me today, but that I (with Christ in me the hope of glory) had kept in pace with the Spirit of God. People remained more important than projects.  What an incredible difference to not be stressed out, even though there is a mountain of work waiting at the office and growing list of things to do. 

I sit in my office now, caught up on all email. All voicemail. Checking things off the list. Breathing in. Experiencing Him. Really thankful. By the way, the text for tomorrow night at encounter? 

Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus as Lord (needy, humble, desperate, dependent, grateful) 
so walk in Him. Col 2:6

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