Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oops, have you been waiting?

She doesn't know I am writing this right now, but across the room from me is my best friend, rather tired and very pregnant. We are watching the Olympics. This morning she sat in the doctors office for more than an hour... because they forgot she was in the room. When the doctor realized the mistake, she quickly measured her abdomen and checked Luke's heartbeat... and that was it. Yikes -- I would have been livid and less than nice -- an hour of pointless discomfort in a chair (see photo I took last time I was with her) for less than two minutes of care. 
What do you do? 

Proverbs 31 mentions how "she has the full confidence of her husband" -- These days, I have been so impressed by her perspective on life, her willingness to embrace God's calling on her life and ours, and how despite her roly-poly-my-hips-are-hurting-body -- she is driven to be the best little mommy she can be. Yep, I like her a lot. 

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Robert, Lindsay, Lani and Ella said...

Our wives are amazing aren't they?