Sunday, January 15, 2012

waiting for Noelle.

Tomorrow is another day that will change our lives forever. 

Meet Noelle. After Noah's death, we were certain the best way to honor his life was to welcome another orphan into our family. As we prayed, this sweet girl brought joy to our hearts. Abandoned on Christmas Day in 2009, this little angel has been waiting for her forever family. Tomorrow afternoon we will officially welcome her into our lives. 

Fun times at the waterfall... confession:
Our boys, may or may not have, borrowed some local landscape
materials and bamboo to make little boats. 

She loves being outside and we love seeing her smile. 

FaceTime with grandparents. 

Adoption is truly a miracle. She meets her new sister tomorrow. 

Ni Hao Kai Lan

Worth every Yuan. 

Caleb loves his sister.



Amy Fisher said...

been thinking about you all a lot! Her countenance already looks as if to say "I am loved and at peace!" Will continue to awe of what the Father is doing!

Diane Bailey said...

She is beautiful

Kim said...

Noelle is beautiful. Cannot wait to see her in your arms! Love & Blessings from Team Miller

John Pritchard said...

love this. and love you guys so much. so proud of your family.

Amazing Love said...

Lovely guys, and happy family, best regards to you! Bell & Ross replica