Friday, January 27, 2012



laurakirkland said...

Hi Matt and April,
Just wanted to write and say that I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your pictures and posts from your journey to adopt your two precious girls! We have just started visiting y'alls small group and look forward to meeting you. Come to find out... April, Laura Susan is a dear friend of mine and I worked at her church her senior year in Macon... and Matt, my brother in law, Clay, said that y'all had some classed together at Asbury. Small world. Looking forward to your safe return!

temp said...

Who is happier? Mommy or baby girl???

Mel said...

I just discovered your Blog and I clouldn´t just follow it without saying this... God bless you now and always. Your family is just an example of human kindness and pure love. I admire the way you have completed your life helping this two girls, who needed more than some special care... they really needed a family and much love!!! Now I'm pretty sure they've got it!!! Regards from a mommy of two who is from Venezuela and now is living in Panamá.