Thursday, July 29, 2010


We made it back to HK and I'd like to think we're over jet-lag. We are settling back into life over here -- it's almost pointless to try and reconcile the two worlds in which we've lived. Both are great. Both are really different. And we're really thankful for who we know and love on both sides of the globe.

I have to say this time arriving as a family was completely different than last time... I would equate last year's arrival as the first day of college -- where everything was foreign, overwhelming and new. This go like sophomore year -- way more laid back and familiar. Thankfully we are not setting up anything new or trying to find a broom or figuring out how to get places. It's great to be back.

We are excited to reconnect with friends, say good-bye to some dear friends about to leave, and begin a new journey. I'll be starting a new job at Island ECC in a couple of weeks. We're so thankful for this church, its leadership, and the opportunity to serve on their staff team.

Looking back on the weeks we were able to spend with family and friends, it is so evident we needed that time to breathe deeply, share, listen, read, sit on porch swings, eat popsicles, swim, fish, worship, and rest. It was great.

For what it's worth -- we (April and I) read through two books this summer -- both of which were precisely timed and very unlikely: I'm Proud of You by Tim Madigan and Here and Now by Henri Nouwen

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