Thursday, April 01, 2010

June 5.

Twelve years ago I was a student at Auburn University. Life was very different for me then. For all the things I did not know and all the things I did not see coming my way - I did know at Passion '98 in Texas -- that God loved me and that His commitment to glorify Jesus above all names brought me a great sense of peace... and proportion.

And now? I find myself living in Hong Kong with my precious family and dear friends who have joined us to make the name of Jesus more known here. That looks different every day here. Some days are filled. Some days are slow. Some days are really, really difficult. Some days are amazing. Some days we get it. Some days we don't. Some days, I just smile with a sense of assurance - we are where we are supposed to be - for this very time - for this very season.

Today -- a few of us drove from corner to corner of HK -- putting these materials into the hands of other church and ministry leaders. It was a good day. Lots of traffic. Lots of laughs. More city streets and side streets and misadventures in driving / parking in this amazing city.

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Ericka B. Jackson said...

EXCITING! It was at a Passion conference where I first sponsored our Compassion kids, and at a Passion conference when I first felt the call to missions! God is doing so many great things through Passion, and through YOU guys!