Monday, February 15, 2010

hello again, macau.

Really. Macau? Again? Yes. Only this time, we traveled there this weekend with these dear friends. While not exactly the ideal getaway location for any of us, we were there for visa-related matters, so we made the most of it: egg tarts, fernando's, 100,000 firecrackers for CNY, walking the streets in the mist/rain, and finding a random, beautiful, rule-oriented park. Gotta love it.


Caroline said...

So, what's the latest on the visa-related issues?

Caroline said...

So what's the latest on the visa-related issues?

Ericka B. Jackson said...

Wait... was one of those rules "don't walk on the GRASS"? In a PARK? Wow... you two look cute on your lego looking eliptical contraptions though... hehe ;)