Friday, December 18, 2009

gingerbread village

While not comprehensive, hopefully this gives a small insight to life as we know it.

Lately,I have been:

Watching April teach the boys about polar bears, which included a hands-in-ice-filled-water bowl to demonstrate why they have fat and fur coats. I participated. Glad I'm not a polar bear.

Sitting in a meeting with leaders from the largest Chinese church in HK (10,000+) about how we can partner together in reaching university students in HK, and leaving the meeting with a great sense of peace and unity about things that matter most.

Enjoying the people on our team, thursday night team dinners, and laughing together about some of the random experiences we are all sharing together here.

Hearing Luke begin to form more words, including "stinky", "help please", "wa-wa", "ba-ba", and the very entertaining "ow".

Working on what feels like the never ending appeal letter process for our employment visas in HK, and confidently trusting the outcome is not up to me nor the very helpful people assisting us. Hands down - this has been "the thing" that God has been using to place my dependence upon Him these days.

Building a mini-gingerbread house village with the boys and team. Best part? The icing war that resulted in April and I wrestling in a gingerbread-house-icing-food-fight. Worst part? Caleb crying because he thought we were being mean to each other. We weren't.

Enjoying rooftop BBQ with 40 people that have connected with our team during the past semester. So encouraged to see what could be ahead for this team, these people, and this city.

Trying to have a Peking-duck dinner... DE-NIED because all great local restaurants were overbooked. So what did we do? The obvious next option: Amarone's Italian Restaurant.

Enjoying our new church home (Island ECC) and being so thankful for the way its leadership has welcomed us and our team here.

Having weekly date nights with April. We treasure these times. [Thank you Jason and Malorie ]

Watching NBC nightly news and The Office thanks to AppleTV.

Re-reading books on fatherhood, humbled at the privilege and responsibility of raising three sons to know and love God.

Trusting God's perfect timing on the adoption referral. Yes. We are still waiting. We started this process 3.5 years ago.

Celebrating Christmas as a family, regardless of our mailing address or location. The meaning of Emmanuel, God-With-Us, has never meant more. The implications of our faith has never required more ... that Christ did come, and through His death and resurrection entrusted to us the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor 5).

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