Wednesday, December 02, 2009

around here

A year ago, our family was doing the very same thing. The tree (u.s. version) was going up. This is one my favorite traditions we have. This year, I even tried to talk April into merging Thanksgiving and Christmas into one really long holiday season since Thanksgiving is not really a Hong Kong holiday. She didn't go for it. That's ok. The tree is up now. Obviously it's more than the tree for me. But I have to say, that it doesn't matter where we live, the tree she decorates makes any place we've lived feel more like home. I love how she does that.

I remember last year, wondering what it would be like to be in Hong Kong and follow what He had placed on our hearts. We were a week away from the final encounter on Auburn's campus. I can remember how difficult and right that decision was. I remember a layer of reality settling in my heart that night when I shared before our community of students the decision to move Grace Campus to Hong Kong. We still believe that was the right decision. So, the tree is up. The lights are on and our hearts are set on Christ - who is our hope of glory.


Gregory said...

We love your tree! We miss you.
Love, Sashy

Ericka B. Jackson said...

BEAUTIFUL! Both April and the tree :) Loved that last Encounter with you, and love you guys! Still praying we can get over there eventually...

I remember our past Christmas Encounters too...those were some incredible nights. Blessings over you this Christmas season!