Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tunnel vision

Driving through a tunnel is a frequent experience for me --- at least once a day I find myself driving through mountains or underwater. Every time, I start thinking about the engineering genius required to pull off such a massive undertaking. The flashing lights can be hypnotic. Tunnel-vision happens. Night or day, the inside looks the same. Our adventure in Hong Kong so far, has provided plenty of opportunities for tunnel vision.

From a leadership perspective, it is so easy to focus on the lane, the car ahead, the radar gun, the camera, the exit signs on either side of the wall --- instead of looking towards the end. Sometimes (especially in Hong Kong) the tunnels are so long, that you can drive for several minutes without ever seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

Like anyone else, I can be easily distracted. But our capacity for distraction is not the same as permission for distraction. We are in the tunnel. For a reason. Moving forward. Walking by faith and not by sight. We see plenty of evidence we are driving in the right direction.

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