Saturday, October 31, 2009

macau top 14

The Top 14 List of Macau:
1. Brazilian breakfast... where Luke sneezed all the contents of his mouth and nose onto April.
2. Sheets of meat in the streets. (Photo coming soon).
3. Meeting a friend from Oregon working at Fatburger
4. Packing the entire family for an overnight stay in ONE backpack.
5. Cinnamon roll? Nope. Red Bean look-a-like. Delicious.
6. Repeatedly dodging motorcycles in the alleys.
7. Thinking about leadership in light of the Venetian facade. Great illustrations for a future talk.
8. Massive dried shark fins for sale. Want one?
9. Tiramisu ice cream, african chicken, grilled pineapple.
10. Running in the hotel hallways with the boys.
11. Black out curtains. (We still don't have curtains at home).
12. Near-celebrity status in the hotel lobby. Paparazzi-level photography. Not sure why, but we did have to guard Luke at one point, from well-intending (but boundary-lacking) guests from another nearby country. Think tug-of-war with your child and total strangers.
13. Seeing Portugese and Chinese languages together.
14. Different architecture.

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Kim said...

Great post.
We've got to check out Macau.
Hoping our paths cross again soon!
The Millers