Saturday, September 26, 2009

did you know?

The population of Hong Kong is 95% Chinese, the next largest demographic is Filipino (mainly domestic helpers) at 1.6%...we fit into this number Causasion .5%.By language, 90.8% speak Cantonese... 2.8% speak English. The local property market is worth $413.1 billion HKD, the local restaurant industry is $79 billion HKD, and mainland Chinese spend $50 billion HKD on holiday tourism here.

In terms of population density, this is fascinating.
USA - 31 people per km2
England - 395 people per km2
Finland - 16 people per km2
China - 139 people per km2
Hong Kong - 6,054 people per km2

Average working week in Hong Kong? 50 hours
Percentage of Hongkongers who own cars? 5.3%
Percentage of Hongkongers living in government housing? 66%
Average expat monthly compensation? $130,000HKD

*All figures were published in HK magazine, sources cited.

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