Saturday, August 08, 2009

the week in review - guest blog post from HK.

Tonight, April has compiled a list of first impressions from our new home here in HK. Enjoy.

Anchovy flavored quaker oatmeal.

From our 7th floor window - sailboats, skiing, fishing boats, airplanes, trains, buses, cabs, running, cycling, dog walking, family strolling, and early morning tai chi.

A six-pack of... bread.

Smells, smells, and more smells.

Chipped bowls and exposed ceiling in our new favorite Thai restaurant.

George, Edward, and Alfie (some really great NZ boys the same age as our children). Really enjoyed meeting this family.

Eva from Indonesia chasing our boys around the indoor gymnasium.

Long hair as an accessory from skin moles?

The teenage girls in the next flat beside us.

The socially acceptable (and inhalable) belch courtesy of our friendly cabbies.

Our friendly security guards who love the boys and smile every time we walk in.

Grandpa "A" who held Luke and led Josh to the nearby water fountain.

Umbrella hats.

Bike rider with a dog in the seat behind him.

"Waste no part of the Chicken" Dishes.

Butchered fish with the hearts still beating in the display case.

Another neighbors underwear right outside Luke's room window.


Remote control toddler car -- with child inside.

"Did you bring your own bag?"

4oz of syrup for Caleb's pancakes? $6 USD.

Our friendly (very Chinese) neighborhood grocery store that sells coffee, but no coffee filters.

Fish Jello.


Kelley said...

Wow... so many interesting new experiences! I'm afraid the coffee but no coffee filters might my tipping point! Loved being with you guys, and are thinking of you and praying for you many times daily. The Speedos might increase the frequency of those prayers! ;)

Bek* said...

I just told David how I can't imagine what life is like for y'all right now moving into an apt. in hong kong with the boys. so excited when I think about it. love y'all!

Jen said...

That's a big fat EWW to most of those things...esp the mole hair. GAG.
Hope yall are starting to settle down a little! I know furniture will help!
Praying for yall!
Jen {Littlepage} Dismukes

Ericka B said...

EWWW! And yikes about that syrup! Just looked online to see if you could make your own syrup, and you can! Not sure if these ingredients would be cheaper than the already made syrup, but it might be worth a try: