Wednesday, August 19, 2009

thousand island + seafood + corn = pizza ?

I can't say I ever really enjoyed Pizza Hut while living in America. Deep pan... just not my thing. At least not there. Maybe in Chicago, but Pizza Hut. Let's be honest. Mediocre at very best. Here in HK, mediocrity goes out the window. Welcome creativity. Like pizza titles including phrases such as Bollywood, Tokyo Temptation, Thousand Island + Crab Sticks, Seafood Rings + Cuttlefish, etc... you get the point. Corn can appear at random and without notice on any pizza on the menu. Also worth mentioning: A great attempt at ambiance near the tables, by including things like this: Corona Lite, Whole Grain Mustard, and yes, Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar. I must say, the service was excellent.

For those who are following our journey more closely, here is what we are learning:

Thankfulness is a choice. Being grateful is a willful decision to acknowledge all the good things God has done, is doing, and has given us. (you too!). We are living in Romans 15:13 and Psalm 92:1-8. Speaking His faithfulness to one another has been life-giving and joy-restoring. As much fun as it is to write randomly about Pizza Hut, truth be told, some days are hard and others are easy -- but this we know, our only choice is to press in, trusting Him with all everything. So, we are. Thanks for praying for us in these days of acclimating to life here.


Beloved said...

maybe you can run a blog series where you just have Caleb holding his nose in different places around the know, a "get to know Hong Kong" tour!

Love it. Praying.

Katie said...

So much for familiarity, huh? Praying for you guys!

~Katie Stevens

Kim said...

Love your perspective & lessons learned because we can SO relate!
Hoping our paths cross again soon!