Thursday, July 02, 2009

not crazy.

Sometimes, the only way to know you are not crazy, might actually be to do something that some might say is crazy. Tonight, I sat and listened to a woman share from the past two decades of her life spent on behalf of others in a foreign country.

She had instant credibility. Who she was and how she has chosen to live could not have been more providential for those on our team to experience tonight. To honor her work, there is not much more I can say in this format, other than she has made much of Jesus with her life. Talk about crazy -- she said the very things most difficult about serving in that foreign context were the very things she most needed. What most aggravated her or disappointed her, or left her broken-hearted, were the tools wielded to soften her heart towards Him.

Three generations ago, April's aunt served as a missionary in China. From reading her journals, we can see a genuine, respect filled love for people in her life. She adopted a girl being sold on the streets and worked for the good of the people there for the remainder of her life. She was humble and made herself available to care for others. Before she died in China, she received treatment at a university hospital that would later relocate to HK.

The crazy thing? Our soon-to-be-home in HK, looks across the water at that university. What a great reminder of God's providence and faithfulness.

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