Thursday, July 16, 2009

hot. rain. steam. 230 boxes. ocean bound.

After a great evening with our team, their parents, and our board - we met early yesterday morning and loaded the container for our team. We had everything prearranged in the street, taped off, and ready to load.

Then the dark clouds appeared. Hmm. Cardboard + sound gear + moisture + heat + no air circulation = a moldy nightmare.

So... we undid our prepacking and like crazy people did a mad dash with all the boxes into garages. The skies opened up. Solid, fat rain drops. Talk about team-bonding. It was awesome. Seriously. We were all-in. Men, women, and children picking up whatever we could. The truck arrived an hour later.

When it was time to load-in, we packed the container in 1:30:00. Not bad. Not bad at all. So for the next two weeks, it's air mattresses, paper plates, and time with family and friends. Even as I type, the boys are sitting in their mini-lawn chairs watching Noggin. Sometimes, furniture is overrated.

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