Tuesday, June 09, 2009

kinda like paparazzi

Well. About 4:30 rolls around, and there is a wedding. Nearby. Really nearby. As a matter of preface -- I wish them well and all the blessings a beach-side wedding deserves. Sincerely. What I can say, is that we, along with 50 others, were awkwardly uninvited witnesses to this matrimonial celebration. Enough said. The highlight, after seeing it all come together, would probably be that Josh and Caleb both, pulled down their Auburn-Tigers pants (post-sandy-beach-rash-wardrobe-change) and peed (some may say urinated) on the beach during the ceremony. Albeit discreetly, I wonder if the two videographers will have a hard time editing out two small hineys, during "...for better or worse, till death do us part..."?


ea said...

only boys... poor april! :)

mccorkl said...

I love reading your posts Matt. Hope you guys are well!