Saturday, May 16, 2009

we [all] do.

We are great at celebrating whatever is important to us. We champion whatever we are most passionate about. Some call it worship. Others do not. Either way, it is undeniable. People are worshipers. Just try a random search of "fans" on youtube. Most people, if not all, have something or someone to be all about.

We like.
We love.
We write.
We speak.
We go.
We give.
We save.
We plan.
We prepare.
We sing.
We influence.
We shout.
We cry.
We clap.
We wait.
We focus.
We invest.
We enjoy.
We compliment.
We smile.
We feel.
We think.
We miss.
We remember.
We rediscover.
We learn.
We study.
We live.
We gather.
We spread out.
We stay.
We leave.
We mourn.
We rejoice.
We know.
We celebrate.
We amplify.
We advertise.
We whisper.
We listen.
We glorify.

This has been on my radar all week, having heard a great message on how we were made to worship at Passion City Church, and being asked to speak on the very same idea at our church tomorrow. So, much of my thoughts and interaction with the Lord and with people has been on this simple idea: responding more to who God is and what He has done.

We are free to do all of the above -- So, love _______ , enjoy ______ , talk about _______ , but consider that our freedom means that we love God the most, and that we love everything and everyone less; for our own joy and His ever-deserving glory.

Truth be told, this makes sense. He is the best; the good things in our lives never truly satisfy. He is most loving to design our deepest joy be found in Him; releasing the expectation that other things or people can satisfy like He can. Human interests and passions may be good, but only God is God.

When our freedom and interests are more important [to us] than Jesus, then our worship [enjoyment] has been hijacked. That is called idolatry.

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