Tuesday, May 26, 2009

todays top ten.

why I love raising three sons:
1. they are fun people to be around.
2. coming home from work to be greeted in the driveway by the voices of little crazy warriors.
3. wrestling. mud. knives. adventures. bruises.
4. the "dad, what about....?" questions I get every day.
5. durability.
6. seeing them get crazy giddy when april shows me affection or wears lipstick.
7. incessant laughter. recurring stories about bodily functions. some things never change.
8. all the hard moments where I know I fall short of perfect love, and they still love me.
9. watching them find a boundary, and then push it to the limit or break something in the process.
10. they will be men one day, and by grace, lead their own families in what matters most.

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