Tuesday, March 17, 2009

and yet again.

I found out a few moments ago, that Grace Campus received a large gift for HK tonight. Again, I am in awe. Just when I am tempted to dream less, or wonder how - He shows up.

Here's how this happened. A couple weeks ago, I'm at our office meeting with a student who is praying about joining us in Hong Kong after he graduates. Friends that April and I have not seen in YEARS just randomly stop by the office after seeing the sign outside. They were just driving through Auburn and decided to stop by. They were a part of the early days, some of our first efforts in discipleship.

They had no idea we were headed to Hong Kong. I had no idea they were stopping by. God knew. After sharing the story of why good-bye Auburn and hello-Hong Kong, they expressed their interest inpartnering with us. They initiated. They offered. I simply shared the story of what God has done in our hearts and the vision we have to see hearts awaken.

I don't know what to do in these situations, other than choose humility, be authentic, and keep my expectations on God and not people. And then. God amazes me. Again. Since December, I have seen Him provide for our family and for this ministry in the most interesting ways, from people having dreams, to "unplanned" meetings, to $20,000 that made me cry in the post office parking lot, a pastor compelled to take another offering, friends and family giving sacrificially, long-time supporters continuing their partnership, and the list goes on... and I'm certain, the list will grow as the God-of-how provides for our mission to amplify the name of Jesus on the other side of earth.

For those of you who partner with us in prayer and finances, it is an honor to be in such fellowship with you.

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Beloved said...

This is great news! Check your calendar and give us a call...