Sunday, February 08, 2009

say yes - montgomery

This post will be brief, but i wanted to say out loud: Thank you Christ Community Church for being one of the most sincere group of people I know. From the very beginning of Grace Campus, you have been welcoming, encouraging, and supportive of what we have been a part of. You have set the bar and are great example of how to be a gracious church family, committed to what really matters, and open to what God is doing. It was an honor to be there today and worship with you. To know there is a HK flag hanging there, and that we will be in your prayers means so much. Keith, thanks for your leadership today, your willingness to say "yes" and how that is significantly helping us get to HK this summer. Thank you.

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ea said...

thank YOU! for sharing your heart, your willing obedience, your passion, your challenge - to say YES to a loving Father, doing whatever He asks knowing He will walk us thru it & draw us closer to His heart in the process. your sweet family has touched ours. your example is priceless... excited & honored to be a part of what God's about to do!
h to the k!