Saturday, February 28, 2009

maybe how the west was won, maybe.

i was at a rehearsal dinner lastnight for some friends getting married. I'm really happy for them, and was thankful to have been a part of their wedding weekend. truth be told, I've lost track of how many rehearsal dinners I've been to at this point, and that doesn't really matter. For the most part, those evenings are the same. Meaningful. Sometimes awkward. Usually funny.

I have to say, tonight I was reminded again about the importance of a father's blessing. I myself I have received such grace from my own dad. It was really great to hear another son receive his fathers blessing. Not everyone does or has the opportunity to. So, I figured while I can, for as long as I can, that's the goal I'm aiming for with my sons.

April and the boys couldn't make it tonight, so on the way home I ran into wal-mart and picked up a little toy for the boys. No, they didn't need another toy, but I did want another opportunity to look them in the eyes, and tell them they are special to me. So, I got them a cowboy-kit, complete with guns, knives, handcuffs, spurs, and a canteen.

What's funny is that after i got back and we had our little father / son / cowboy moment, I jokingly said, "hey, guess where this was made?" -- Josh, 1 second later -- "let me guess... China?"

Yep. The wild west, made in the east. Makes sense. 

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