Wednesday, February 11, 2009

adoption reminder

CCAA Status: 
Reviewed through: March 31, 2007   
Placed through: March 2, 2006

Tonight as I was putting the boys to bed, Josh and Caleb both prayed for their sister -- it is really sweet to hear them love this little girl they have never met. No doubt, there is an indescribable love for her in April and me. It's real for the little guys too.  There are days where the wait seems like FOREVER, but then again, we have no other option but to trust Him for the timing. Above, are the latest status updates from the CCAA, China's Adoption Agency. Our date for log-in is April 15, 2007. We're getting close to being reviewed! That's pretty funny, because we have moved, had another child, and are moving to Hong Kong. Just a couple things have changed. Good thing for home-study updates - So, maybe year from now, Anna Grace's brothers will be tucking her in. 

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