Tuesday, January 06, 2009

zài jiàn

We are learning a new language. Mandarin. Sounds fun, right? Actually, it is. Especially when our children get it more quickly than we do. Don't get me wrong, we are aware of the complexities of learning Chinese, but at the same time we have to start somewhere right? So, today, while I was at work, April was reviewing last night's lesson with the boys, when she momentarily forgot how to say "good bye" -- and like a fish in water, Caleb (3), says mom, that's easy,  "zài jiàn". Correct pronunciation. Crazy. 

ps. Most of HK does not speak Mandarin, but the mainland Chinese students studying in HK do, so, that's why we are. Learning Cantonese will be another thing altogether.

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Beloved said...

That is so amazing/unbelievable/ scary! I can't wait til he and Josh start having full conversations in Mandarin and you guys have no idea what they are scheming. haha

Great pic of Mom and Luke!!