Wednesday, November 12, 2008

stop. rewind. live. again.

Well, it's that time of year again. The semester is winding down, the weather is changing, and generally speaking, people are growing weary. I'm not sure what it is, other than the thought of if we can "just make it to Thanksgiving" or "just get through the semester" --- Yep. Me too. It's not to say I don't love my job, or life as a family. I do. I've caught myself thinking that though.

The all-too-familiar-get-by-mentality. DANGEROUS.
But I don't have to convince anyone else, what crazy schedules do to people: EXHAUSTION. Too busy to be stiil. Too busy to slow down, enjoy people, enjoy God, or whatever else.

I remember reading Mark Buchanan's book The Rest of God, which was life-changing.
April and I both are different people from that book. Seriously. If you are busy, and approaching burnout - stop. Get the book.

Here's why I can say that I am different, when I begin to approach burnout, I remember there is a different way to live, a much different way to experience life. I know the difference between leftovers and abundance.

Same responsibilities. Same work load. Same burdens. Same situations.
A VERY different perspective. Life vs. craziness.

In repentance and rest is your salvation -- in quietness and trust is your strength. ISA 30:15

Less of me, more of Him.
Less of my own thoughts, more of truth and grace.
Less of my own strength, more from His life in me.
Less of my own agenda, more of responding to Him.

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