Tuesday, October 28, 2008

perfect peace

坚 心 倚 赖 你 的 , 你 必 保 守 他 十 分 平 安 , 因 为 他 倚 靠 你 。
You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Isa 26:3

While I try to blog every day, there are days where that doesn't happen. So much has been happening in these days. After sharing the news of our transition to Hong Kong on Thursday at encounter, we spent the weekend in Montgomery with our family, spoke at Christchurch on Sunday, then went to another fall festival that afternoon, and then our week gets flipped backwards with encounter beginning on mondays for the next three weeks. Life is moving pretty fast. 

One thing I continue to experience is the promise and provision of peace - the kind of "shalom" peace (or as they used to say/mean the wholeness of God) when I stay my mind on Him. It's not to say there's not stress, or drama, or low moments -- but it is totally true that in those moments when I am aware of human frailty -- that perfect peace is my reality as I choose to trust in Him. 

By the way, Josh, our oldest son, has begun to ask me lately about "his" bible, and if i will tell him more stories about Jesus. Last week, he said he wanted to go "where you preach daddy". I am humbled by these words of his, and more than anything hope to point him towards Jesus. My desire to be the perfect father gains sobriety fairly often when he sees / I see how imperfect I am . April and I saw an old friend at a wedding this weekend, and she remarked  "Being a parent so reminds me of my sin and need for a Savior. I am in counseling because of it. I feel at though I am making no progress in my faith" --- Now that's honesty for you. She's right about the reminder. My point in saying this, is that imperfect people can and do know perfect peace - as we stay our minds on Him.

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