Thursday, October 02, 2008

even elephants don't wait this long

Some African elephants have a gestation period of 660+ days. If you want to adopt from China -- well, consider the wait for a mother elephant, and then add way more time... double it. Best case for us? Around 1275 days -- and that can still increase.

Today, we received disappointing news. While not surprised, we were holding out hope that the timeframe for our adoption would not increase anymore. Originally, the whole process was 12-18 months. As time has passed, it turns out the process has grown each month. Our log-in date is April 14, 2007. That means, all of our paperwork was received in China (We started that paperwork in the summer of 2006). Currently, China has processed applications (meaning referring orphans to parents for adoption) through February of 2006. Ready for this one? The wait time for a referral is now 31 months FROM log-in date -- which would be (at best) November of 2009 -- but the wait time is growing every month by almost a month. Read more on the calculation.

What we know? 
God loves our Anna Grace more than us. 
God knows we'd get on a plane today to get her if we could. 
God knows the best time frame for her to be with us. 
God knows the longer the wait, the more awareness is raised for more than 100 million orphans worldwide. 


Micah said...

I'm praying for you guys! God is giving you two a powerful testimony. It's already coming across on your blog--It's an amazing example of trust and faith and hope. I am so thankful for you two. But yes--I am definitely praying!

Beloved said...

We already love you, Anna Grace. Praying we get to meet you sooner than later.

Ericka B said...

I love your hearts, and am seeing through you, the way God waits for each of his beloved children to come to Him - where He can embrace them, lavish love upon them, protect them...

Can't wait to meet her in His timing! Love you guys.