Monday, September 08, 2008

kneeling in the new normal

It's late. I'm tired, but this simple thought is worth saying. The difference between a good day and a really awful, stressful, burdensome, take-me-out kinda day has been this: prayer. Not the kind of prayer we toss up flippantly before meals, but the kind of prayer that after a meeting, or during a meeting, or before a meeting, or in spite of a meeting we are aware that He's the only answer. I say this (to the 2 or 3 normal readers here) to say, I'm re-learning a great lesson in leadership (that I knew, but I'm coming to KNOW again), pray: Pray as I am burdened. Pray before I am stressed out, taken out. Pray when I become aware of someone's need. Pray when I am clueless. Pray when I need wisdom. Pray when someone shares a their pain. Pray, as though, God really hears our prayers, really cares for our concerns, and really honors the prayers of righteous ones. 

Seems obvious, but the obvious is often passed over in busyness, pride, or unbelief. 

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