Sunday, September 14, 2008

i'm glad it's leather

Moments before this photo was taken, little Luke demonstrated impressive water pressure, arching a steady stream of baby pee (sterile of course) all over the couch. Come on over. I won't tell you which one. I'm glad it's leather.  Just when you think you know how to gauge whether or not to get the umbrella... yikes, wrong again. Now -- the littlest man is sleeping on my chest. I hear every little breath... and I'm watching "Feasting on Waves w/Alton Brown". 


Malorie said...

your sons are precious.
josh and caleb are studs.

Micah said...


Your posts are so encouraging. I'm really struggling through a tough time in life right now (--A good time. A super-growing-but-it-is-scary-Jesus-help-me time), and simply reading the wonderful little snippet of joy on here helps me know that Jesus loves me. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing life on here. Even the funny stories like this remind me that God has a plan.

Anonymous said...

LOL... You have to laugh when any parent says... That's why we got leather... Only parents know why! Super Cute kiddos!